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Halloween Wreath

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

A subtle take on a colorful holiday.

Most Halloween decorations are crazy colors & cartoon shapes, but to keep things simple for Halloween, I made this wreath using fall foliage (fake grass, branches, & wheat) & mini jack-o-lanterns & pumpkins.

After watching several tutorials on wreath-making, I decided that I could make this happen. All you need is a wreath base (wire or grapevine), foliage, ribbon, paddle wire, & any other added decor. For my wreath base, I used a grapevine wreath because it had more of a fall feel. Then, I sectioned off the grass, wheat, & branches so there would be an even distribution the entire way around the wreath.

For the starting section, I wove the ends of the foliage around the grapevine base & then wrapped them with paddle wire. The next section of foliage started about 1/3 of the way up the wreath from the starting section & I followed the same steps. This time, if there were any longer foliage stems from the starting section, I held them down with the same wire used to hold the base of the next section. However, be careful not to wrap the starting section too much, you want some of it to hang off of the edges & look more natural. I worked my way the whole way around the wreath using these steps & wire.

The wire that I used was green, so I didn't want that showing on the wreath. I used the ribbon to cover up the green by wrapping it underneath certain sections of foliage & tying it on the bottom. I tried to cover as much green wire as possible with each section of ribbon to use the smallest amount as possible, since I wanted the wreath to mainly be foliage.

Finally, I used superglue to hold the mini pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns onto the base and foliage. One thing to note: glue your decorations on foliage that won't move around (unless you want that). I ensured that the pumpkins wouldn't move by gluing some of the foliage to the grapevine base first. If there are any other flyaway pieces of foliage that you don't want, you can either cut them or glue the base of them in different parts. & just like that, a muted Halloween wreath!

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