Comic book table

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

After buying a white coffee table from IKEA, my brother & I decided that it could use a little bit of personalization. There's a comic book shop near us that sells old comic for $1, so we spent several hours looking through hundreds of comics for our favorite heroes. Then, we cut out logos, characters, & quotes until we felt we had covered all of the bases. We cut a piece of thin cardboard to the size of the table, planned the general placement of each cutout, & took a picture to remember where things were.

Then the hard part. Any cutout that was sitting on top with nothing else covering it up was taken off & placed into a separate pile. Then, smaller sections were disassembled to be glued on piece by piece. Within each small section, the Mod Podge glue was rolled onto the cardboard and the first layer of cutouts were placed. The glue was then also rolled on top of the pieces to make sure they were flat & sealed. After the first layer of cutouts were placed in each section, the second and third layers were placed in the same fashion. For the edge pieces, the cutout was wrapped around the cardboard & glued onto the underside. The glue dried pretty fast, so once all the pieces had been placed, we rolled a final layer of glue to seal everything & make the top uniform.

At Lowes, they sell plexiglass that can be cut to any size. We purchased some the same size as the table & sanded down the edges to make them more rounded. We placed glue dots along the edge of the cardboard to stick the comic book top to the table. One Glue dot was also placed at each corner & in the middle of the long edge so the plexiglass would sit nicely on the comic surface. The plexiglass is easy to clean & the comic books really show through! You could also do this with just one hero or with black & white comics, but we tried to stick with the older colorized comics.

The glue & roller that I used are shown below:

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