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Liverpool Crest Shirt

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

A one-of-a-kind shirt to capture a championship team.

A hand-embroidered shirt with the Liverpool logo and slogan.

For this shirt, I wanted to create a large version of the Liverpool crest and slogan on the front of the shirt. I bought a vintage shirt from GoodWill (hence the spots in the fabric), used a marking pen to draw the logo on the shirt, & used embroidery rings to go back over the drawn design with embroidery floss. The colors used for this shirt were: Ecru (white), Red (red), Green (green), Light Tangerine (yellow), & Tangerine (orange). I split each section of embroidery floss into 2 & used 3 strands from the 6 that were together. First I embroidered the sections of the logo that are filled-in solids, like the thicker parts of the outline. Then, I essentially outlined the outlines & covered the inside of the design with protective fabric to create the final product!

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